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Distributing Secrets with Custodia

My last blog post described a crypto library I created named JWCrypto. I've built this library as a building block of Custodia, a Service that helps sharing Secrets, Keys, Passwords in distributed applications like micro service architectures built on containers.

Custodia is itself a building block of a new FreeIPA feature to improve the experience of setting up replicas. In fact Custodia at the moment is mostly plumbing for this feature, and although the plumbing is all there, it is not very usable outside of the FreeIPA project without some thinkering.

The past week I was at Flock where I gave a presentation on the problem of distributing Secrets Securely, which is based on my work and my thinking about the general problem and how I applied that thinking to build a generic service which I then specializes for use by FreeIPA. If you are curious, I have posted the slides I used during my talk, and they assure me soon there will soon be video recordings of all the talks available online.