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Fun with Wiimotes

Today I saw this YouTube video and got intrigued again about playing with my Wii Remote.

So I searched around and found 2 useful projects.

The first is the wiiuse library, although a bit buggy and with horrible dosmode files (carriage return at the end of each line) I quickly packaged and even submitted a review bug to push it into Fedora.

The second is an even crueder program called XWii. The code is a bit horrible, but I was able to quickly hack it to do a few things including mapping multimedia volume keys to minus/plus/home Wiimote buttons, and a bit finer control to be able to use a wiimote as a real IR mouse. There is a lot of work to turn this program in a state where I can consider proposing it as a Fedora package.

If I can find time on weekends I plan to buy a few infrared leds and play a bit with my wiimotes and my video projector. If all goes well I might rewrite xwii in C as a real daemon and propose it as a package for Fedora. But no promises, this new year looks like I am going to work hard on a few work-related projects, so it may take quite some time or forever ...

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