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What a great year!

This past year has been really great, too bad I found little time to update my blog :-)

A few things happened that made me cheer up while thinking about what has been going on this year.

Samba 4.0 finally happened. It has been an incredible, long ride, with highs and lows but amazingly we pulled it off!

FreeIPA 3.0 and 3.1 with AD cross-forest trust integration also were released this year. I am so proud of this project, it has achieved results I hardly hoped for when I started it a few years ago.

SSSD has seen multiple releases with the 1.8 Long Term Maintenance series and 1.9 series. SSSD is one of the most successful projects I started these past years and I used it every day myself with great pleasure.

Gss-Proxy is the last project I started, just this year, and has seen 2 initial no-fanfare releases. It is one of those plumbing things that are hardly seen (except when things break :-) but it was exciting to work so deep into GSSAPI code.

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